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Assembling  techniques

josef albers.png
Anni et Josef Albers, Musée de l'art moderne, Paris 2011.
Josef  Albers' "Gitterbild" (1921)  was made of salvaged materials from the rubbish tip in Weimar
Anni Albers' Necklce (1940)  was made of a drain strainer and paper clips.
Recycled 'rubbish' masks
Ex Africa, Contemporary African Art, Musée quai Branly, Paris, 2021.
Together with materials and ornaments, we can also recycle techniques. Different jewelry making techniques can be a good start to create assembled  objects. Imagine jewelry as a miniature installation in which you can put together different  recycled objects by fixing them together mostly by metal wires that can also be recycled.

Recyclable objects are nearly everywhere. For this example of a simple assembling technique we've chosen some old buttons which use to belong to an old shirt that  became unwearable. 
Here, the crystals from an old fashioned dusty luster found in the street transformed into earrings.

There are plenty different ways to use wires to assemble things but also to  create or recreate forms, inspired by the forms of letters, leafs, branches, berries and so on. Tutorials will help you to find out more about them and about the few simple tools that you'll need to work with them.

With this technique you can create any kind of installation, not necessarily jewelry. It is only a question of proportions.

This installation, entitled "Suspended Sea" representing plastic waste sounding and looking like small sea stones was also created by an. assembling technique used in jewelry making :

mer supendue copie.jpg
mer suspendue 1.jpg
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