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Collage and mosaic techniques

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This technique can be used to transform different images or patterns you've collected into different objects. You don't even have to draw, it's enough to print your patterns to work with them. Let's see a few examples foe what you can do with simple square or triangle shaped paper-cuts.  

An old book shelf transformed into a board game called "Zahrafa" (Ornament in Arabic). The Islamic patterns were printed for a color-book, cut into pieces and stuck onto the shelf to form labyrinth like track for the players.
You can also create your tokens with the same technique
_IVV3620 copie.jpg
The striking thing about board-games is that you can invent your our own rules, write it down and transmit different messages - about the importance of collaboration, compromises, mutual aid and attention to each other - through the symbolic meanings of the game.  
You can  also create decorative panels with this mosaic technique and recycle ornaments or even writing : words or sentences either as ornaments or as specific messages.
Mosaics with Islamic quotes in kufi style
jeu de puzzle en arabe.jpg
The object you create can have multiple functions too like this other board game called "Thuluth" helping to enrich vocabulary in Arabic which is a triangle shaped bookshelf at the same time.
thuluth game.jpg
With the same technique, you can also create puzzle games :
puzzle making.jpg
To make the pieces more resistant, you can varnish them or even use resin with a glazing technique :

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