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Duration: 3 hours

  • Research or learning phase (1 hour)

  • Designing and creative phase (2 hours)

Acquired skills and objectives:

- Discovering local visual culture

- Enhancing culture of origin and diversity

- Raising awareness about environment through recycling

- learning creative techniques

- experience in co-working (team and community building)

- skills in digital audio-visual content making

Ornamental chocolate

1.Discovery phase : searching for inspiring ornaments, drawings, calligraphy, etc. Here, we worked on the bases of medieval Arabic illustrated manuscripts : 


2. You draw your patterns on transparent paper and learn the technique of chocolate painting : 


3. You realise your chocolate painting : 


Here is how you draw with chocolate :

You can also work with sugar icing on cakes or cookies. It's a nice way to create encounters between different arts and crafts traditions, for instance between German, Austrian and Hungarian traditions of creating gingerbread objects and Islamic art. 

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