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Duration: 3 hours

  • Research or learning phase (1 hour)

  • Designing and creative phase (2 hours)

Acquired skills and objectives:

- Discovering local visual culture

- Enhancing culture of origin and diversity

- Raising awareness about environment through recycling

- learning creative techniques

- experience in co-working (team and community building)

- skills in digital audio-visual content making

Writing with threads

1. Discovery phase : searching for examples for different uses  of embroidery in different  cultures

2. Finding ideas : geometric shapes, ornaments or writing:

3. Recycling an old piece of cloth by decorating it with embroidery. You learn a simple embroidery technique with which you can draw lines but you can also fill  completely a surface :

hubb pull.jpg
hubb robe.jpg
Two men in long dresses 2 (embrodery)_edited.jpg
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