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Recycling Stories through Electronic Devices: Project-based e-learning strategy to enhance key competences in visual communication based on environmental consciousness and cultural diversity

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Online Blended Method on Visual Education for Recycling and Rebuilding Cultural Identities of People with Migrant and Minority Backgrounds
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EU-PREPARE is a collection of online and printable short comics and games designed for people with migrant and refugee backgrounds with the objective to help them to understand European values and customs. They explore three main topics : democratic and civic values, environmental and health issues and the use of digital tools.
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Visual art education, digital and circular skills for boosting social entrepreneurship of youth with a migratory and minority background in Europe
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Creative Europe Programme

The European Circular Online Museum aims to create a European community for individual and small-scale upcycling artists and designers who are engaged in promoting circular lifestyle, environment protection and social involvement and who need support for improving their visibility and their social and entrepreneurial skills. The Circular Online Museum is a web based platform including virtual spaces for learning, good practice sharing, exchanging materials and methods, virtual exhibitions offering a higher visibility for the artists and their work and a guide for good practices. 


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COTABIJOUX is an art project in ecological  and upcycled design and jewelry, producing tutorials, inplementing socially engaged art practices qnd enhanching cultural diversity through its products. 
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Interdisciplinary practice based learning method of Arabic language through creative and artistic exercises 


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Playful Hungarian Language for Children: Interactive blended and e-learning methods for children from Hungarian origin
Playful Hungarian Language for Adults and Children: Online learning tools to teach Hungarian as a foreigner language
Collection of interactive exercises to teach French to people with "atypical" ethnic and professional backgrounds
BranchArt is an initiative of COTA Art For Society, that aims at sensitising about different subjects, such as cultural diversity, environmental protection but also social integration.
It is a participatory project to which anyone can participate from all over the world. The idea is quite simple but the different criteria which led to define the way how to make people participate to it is quite complex.
You can participate in different ways: as a creator if you have a message to transmit, if you want your art to be seen in public in an entirely free way, still without being too transgressive, just slightly.
You just need to pick up a broken branch in a park or a forest, clean it a bit, paint or draw or carve on it and replant it somewhere else.
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