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COTA ONG, Contemporary Creation and Traditional Arts for Social Exchange, is a non governmental organisation founded in 2020. We  are based in Paris and our team has been engaged in a wide range of local cultural, educational and associative activities since 2009 and in several international cooperations since 2021. 

We use visual arts as means of communication in addition to linguistic and cultural education in order to:

  • raise awareness about current social and ecological problems

  • fight exclusion and ethnic or religious prejudgment through trainings, public events and publications and by ensuring an intercultural dialogue,

  • enhance creativity and improve our learners creative and comminitcation skills.

Our approach is based on valuing the notions of diversity and multiple identities in order to help learners - especially of Central and Eastern European and Middle-Eastern origin, living in a hosting culture - to valorise to their culture of origin and facilitate their active participation in the local society.


We design online and offline interdisciplinary learning tools, tutorials, organise trainings and creative workshops using a wide range of accessible art and craft techniques in order to turn the learning processes into compex and positive experiences for all.    

Our different actions such as participating in art fairs, exhibitions, conferences  and our publicqtions target also the hosting society by enhancing cultural enrichment through the disocevy of new cultural and artistic forms of expression.




Thanks to our team members, we have various competences, such as: 

  • project coordination and monitoring

  • designing e-learning tools and methods for blended learning

  • designing and creating digital content such as websites

  • filming and editing audio-visual content

  • facilitating workshops using divers creative and digital techniques : comics, drawing, painting, embroidery; up=cycled craft and jewellery, video making and editing, mobile sculptures and installations, mosaic and collage techniques, gamification

  • organising disseminating and cultural events, exhibitions

  • supervising publication

  • field research and analysis

  • setting up needs assessment methods

  • language courses and trainings 

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