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COTA ONG (Contemporary Creation and Traditional Arts for Social Exchange) is a non governmental organisation founded in 2020 and based in Paris. Our team has been engaged in a wide range of cultural, educational and associative activities since 2009.

We use visual arts as means of communication in addition to linguistic and cultural education in order to raise awareness about current social problems, to fight exclusion and ethnic or religious prejudgment through trainings, public events and publications and by ensuring an intercultural dialogue.

Our approach is based on valuing the notions of diversity and multiple identities in order to help people especially of Central European and Middle-Eastern origin living in hosting culture to give a meaning to their culture of origin while assisting their integration to local society.

Our different actions target hosting communities as well by enhancing cultural enrichment through adopting new cultural and artistic forms of expression.




  • teaching materials
  • comics and illustrations
  • scientific articles
  • translations
  • art
  • recycled crafts


  • to spread knowledge,

  • to teach,

  • to train

  • to empower

  • linguistic education (Arabic, Hungarian, French, Polish)
  • creative recycling techniques
  • video tutorials
  • linguistic workshops
  • creative recycling workshops



We use visuals arts as a method to reconstruct a positive feeling about original identity. This was the idea behind the educational program of the association Amal wa Salam from Jordan to which Cota has participated by creating drawing games and illustrations for a workbook for Syrian children living in refugee camps of the neighbouring countries.

Learning and teaching materials

Workshop for Syrian children refugees

Syrian children and women participating to the Amal wa Salam workshop in Jordan. We are testing the workbook containing the map of Damascus created by COTA. The old city’s map has been transformed into a labyrinth in which children have to find different sorts of treasures of the Syrian patrimony such as art-crafts, small shops of spices in the souk and other middle-eastern specialties.

We contribute to disseminating publications about Middle-Eastern and Central-European arts, cultures and languages through visual content making such as graphic short stories and illustrations.

Visual contents

Visual arts and visual humor used as a communicative method to raise awareness about contemporary issues concerning the Arab world and about ‘Western’ prejudgements against Islamic culture like in these graphic short stories published in the journal of the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

Scientific articles



Middle-Eastern and Central-European contemporary poetry: translations between Arabic, French, Polish and Hungarian. We contribute through our publications to make contemporary literary production from the Middle-East and from Central-Europe available through translations. These readings represent an alternative way to give access to culture of origin instead of adopting nationalistic or religious ideologies but it is also a mean to create cultural dialogue between migrants and local society. We have translated Middle-Eastern Arabic poets' work such as Adonis and Saadi Yousef, etc.

Art & Craft exhibitions, conferences, open lectures